Monday, April 5, 2010


Every blog starts with an introduction so this one won't be an exception.
The project is part of the computers engineering career. The people working on it are Adriana, Javier, Daniel and Tomas as tutor.
As stated in the description, this blog will demonstrate the development process of our project called "Automatic Modelling & Video Mapping". The original name in spanish is "Proyecciones sobre superficies irregulares" and the outline can be read here (spanish only).

We identified 3 major tasks:
  • Scan objects into 3D geometry
  • Allow users to edit the 3D geometry obtained in the previous step
  • Apply the needed transformations to allow video mapping on the 3D geometry and then onto the real life objects
We'll blog about different techniques related to these tasks, then we'll choose one or a few of these techniques to implement. Finally we'll put all the code together to try to make a useful and user friendly tool (open source of course)

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  1. Hi really nice blog and i am really impressed by your work.. I am also involve in laser scanning and I have a little blog not good as yours..

    I am really impressed by your SL scanning technique and the demo of the Cone in a 3D software.